Traditional French Polishing
If you are looking for a rich colour and high gloss finish to your furniture, French polishing will achieve this. By applying many thin coats of shellac, dissolved in alcohol and rubbing with a pad lubricated with oil, a high shine will appear. This finish is softer than modern varnishes and is sensitive to water or alcohol spillages, which will cause a white mark. These are repairable as the mark can be blended away.

Furniture Repair and Restoration
We can bring your furniture back to its former glory with a sympathetic repair or restoration. Taking time and care, whether it is repairing a chair leg, replacing the leather inlay to a desk or fixing antique drawers, you’ll fall back in love with your piece of furniture.

Hand Built Furniture & Mirrors
If you need a particular piece of furniture, perhaps to fit a specific place, or a mirror, but just can't find the right one, we can hand make one for you. Our choice of finishes can also be applied ensuring it suits the space it will be filling.

Staining and Polishing of Joinery
You may have an antique chest of drawers that may have been bleached by the sun, or perhaps you would like it to look more like oak than pine. Come and see us and we will stain or polish your furniture, restoring its colour.

Traditional Gesso produces a matte, chalky appearance. In recent years, it has become very popular, giving furniture a soft, vintage appeal. Gesso can be tinted with pigment to produce soft pastel shades. It works best on pine or ash and highlights any carvings beautifully. We are often asked to create a distressed look, to make a piece look 'loved'.

Water Damage and White Heat Mark Removal
French polishing is not as durable as modern varnishes, allowing water and alcohol to cause cloudy white marks to appear, if for example a glass has been placed directly on to the piece of furniture. We can blend these marks out, bringing the beauty back to your French polished piece of furniture.

Gold Leafing
Gold leaf is solid gold, beaten into fine sheets. Whether working with wood, plastic, glass or metal, working with gold leaf, or gilding, is possible. Gilding a surface is a slow process requiring careful application at each step. The results are stunning.

Silver Gilding
Traditionally when gilding, silver was the metal of choice in the West and it remains popular. We use very fine pieces of silver and apply it to the ornament or piece of furniture by hand.

Colour Matching
Furniture can get damaged over time, however, it is possible to restore and repair an area where the colour has deteriorated. We can colour match and disguise any fading.

Liming and Waxing
Liming and waxing is a way of bringing the wood grain to life. You can add a soft colour to the lime which works wonderfully on a pale wood, or wax to enhance the wood’s nature grain and colour.

This is the process by which the colour is removed permanently from the wood. The finish can look very traditional or surprisingly contemporary depending on the item you are bleaching.

By using the special techniques of Ebonising, you can give a piece of furniture a new lease of life. You'll have a piece of furniture where the wood grain still visible, but in a soft, warm black finish.

Ageing Furniture
Has your taste in furniture changed, or perhaps the place you're living requires an older style of furniture. If you have a piece of furniture which needs ageing, we are happy to come and see it in situ and talk how you’d like the piece to look.

Paintwork for a Distressed Look
If you have a piece of furniture which requires a makeover, perhaps to suit a new colour scheme or to give shabby chic appeal, we apply paint but distress and age it too.

Wood Turning
We create beautiful pieces on the lathe in our workshop. A chair may need a new leg made or perhaps you'd prefer your table with a new leg. We can colour match the newly turned piece to the furniture it will be going on.

Paint Removal
If you have a piece of painted furniture, we can take the wood back to its natural colour allowing it to be sanded, waxed, oiled or polished.

We are happy to come out and provide a free appraisal. If you have a piece of furniture you would like us to see, to discuss the finish or the restoration and to provide a quotation, please give us a call.

Collection and Delivery:
We can collect moveable furniture pieces so we can restore them at our workshop or we can work on site. We try to keep disruption to the absolute minimum.